Clients can select the sessions and times that meet their needs. Payment and booking are made and processed on the website. Drop-ins are accepted when there is space, payments must be made prior to class.

Our sessions and pricing

Training and Coaching Services

Private Training

  • Number of participants: 1 client
  • Duration 25 min.
  • In these sessions the trainer focuses on a single client, providing services specifically geared toward the client’s needs.
  • Drop-ins $25

Lil Dogs Go

  • Number of participants: up to 10
  • Duration: 45-60 minute
  • It is a group youth fitness class. It hosts two age groups. 6-10 and 11-17. The time slots age group 6-10 @ 12 pm & 11-17 @ 1 pm. It aims to develop a fun and friendly environment that is also challenging. The goal is to build strength and conditioning, teach the mechanics of proper exercise and develop healthy habits

Fitness Consultation Session

  • We want to chat about health & fitness goals during a 20-minute phone interview. The goal is to discover what fitness programs, methods or techniques will suit the client’s needs.

Unassisted workout routine (UR) Session

  • Coach Poo and the Go Tyme Grynd Team have been listening to the needs of the people, and is excited to launch the unassisted Go Tyme workout routine designed for clients looking to enhance there overall fitness program. URs are convenient and cost efficient, yet they provide the custom fit fitness of personal training.